• How can I get to the rental location (branch office)?
    Please take a taxi from Chitose Airport. We will reimburse you for the fare upon receipt.
  • Is there any pick-up service available after returning the rental?
    Yes, we provide a pick-up service to Chitose Airport after the return.
  • Are there multiple rental and return locations available?
    There is only one rental location and one return location.
  • Is driving the car difficult?
    Even for individuals who are accustomed to driving passenger cars, minivans, or SUVs with a regular driver's license, it may take some time to adjust to the size of the vehicle.
    The vehicle is approximately 7.5 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, and 3 meters tall, similar to driving a 4-ton truck.
    It will require getting used to the differences in turning radius and length, as well as careful maneuvering when parking.
    Additionally, you need to be cautious of height restrictions in urban areas.
    It is important to be cautious and practice driving skills beforehand to become familiar with the vehicle's handling.
    Drive attentively and with care.
  • Can I rent the motorhome for just one day (one night)?
    In order to fully enjoy our motorhomes, we have a minimum rental period of two nights as a general rule.
    We do not offer rentals for just one day (one night).
    However, if you would like to inquire about using it for media coverage or similar purposes, please contact us for further information.
  • Does it take a long time to rent the vehicle?
    Yes, it does take some time.
    Unlike regular cars, our motorhomes consist of two parts—the living area and the vehicle itself.
    We require approximately 90 minutes to provide instructions and go through the necessary driving operations.
    Please allocate this time when planning your rental.
  • What is an ALDE heater, and when is it used?
    The ALDE heater refers to the floor heating and hot water system found in Adria vehicle models.
    It circulates a heated liquid through the piping in the vehicle walls to warm up the interior.
    It is recommended because it provides a comfortable environment without drying out the air, especially during nighttime stays inside the vehicle.
    The heat source can be switched between LP gas and an external power source.
  • Can I use the shower?
    Yes, you can use the shower.
    The water tank has a capacity of 120 liters, so while it may not provide an abundant water supply, it is still available for use.
  • Is hot water available?
    Yes, hot water is available.
    By turning on the shower button on the ALDE heater and waiting for approximately 20 minutes, the boiler will heat up the water to around 60 degrees Celsius, providing hot water for use.
  • Can I use the toilet?
    I apologize, but for hygiene reasons, the use of the toilet is prohibited.
    We aim to provide a comfortable environment for the next customers as well.
  • Is the refrigerator always kept cold?
    Yes, it is.
    The refrigerator is equipped with a system that can be supplied with power from three sources: the main battery, auxiliary battery, and LP gas.
    As long as the refrigerator switch is turned on, it will be kept cold without any issues.
  • Can I bring my pet along?
    Yes, we have a limited number of vehicles that allow pets to accompany you.
    Small dogs (up to 10kg) are allowed under certain conditions.
    Please note that pets are not allowed in other vehicle models.
    When selecting a vehicle, please ensure that it is pet-friendly and make a reservation accordingly.
    Additionally, please note that there is a separate cleaning fee of 11,000 yen (including tax) for bringing pets.
  • Can I understand how to use the various facilities and functions easily?
    Before your departure, we will provide explanations on the exterior, interior, and driving aspects of the vehicle.
    In addition, there are files inside the vehicle that contain instructions and important notices for key areas.
  • Can I drive with a regular driver’s license?
    The driver's license classification has changed due to recent amendments. Here are the current regulations:

    • For those who obtained a regular driver's license before June 1, 2007, you can drive vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 8 tons.
    • For those who obtained a regular driver's license between June 2, 2007, and March 11, 2017, you can drive vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 5 tons.
    • For those who obtained a regular driver's license on or after March 12, 2017, you can drive vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 3.5 tons.

    Therefore, if you obtained a regular driver's license before March 11, 2017, you can drive all vehicle types. If you obtained a license after that date, there may be restrictions depending on the vehicle model, so please inquire for more details.
    Most of our vehicles have a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons or less.
  • What type of driver’s license is required for foreigners to drive in Japan?
    ① To drive in Japan with a foreign driver's license, you need to have one of the following licenses:

    • International Driving Permit (issued based on the model specified in the Geneva Convention by a participating country)
    • Foreign driver's license (from Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Estonia, Monaco)

    ②Countries where foreign driver's licenses are valid (List of countries that are parties to the Geneva Convention)

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    International driver's licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue and are valid for driving in Japan for one year from the date of entry into Japan.
    Driving with an international driver's license in the form of the Paris Convention (1926), Washington Convention (1943), or Vienna Convention (1968) is not allowed in Japan,
    Not allowed in Japan.

    ③Countries where foreign driver's licenses are not accepted

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